For free writing review and edits, contact me at with the prompt, your paper, any relevant info about the professor, and the review option you would like below:

Option A) This is the most in-depth option whereby I will suggest simple word changes and restructuring but will also recommend complete thesis changes if need be. If you are striving for the highest grade and have a lot of time to work with me, potentially over zoom, this is the option for you.

Option B) If you are short on time and just need a second pair of eyes to suggest changing words here or there or need help with the flow of the paper and sentences, this is the refinement option that could help you get a few more percentage points.

Option C) You would simply like to discuss the meaning of the prompt and need help getting some direction on the paper. I have read my fair share of confusing prompts and enjoyed plenty of writer’s block. We can set up a zoom call if need be.

Option D) If your needs do not fit one of the above options, feel free to specify something else with Option D.

I estimate that I have now written over 100 University essays in various fields of the Humanities. Beyond that, I would also venture to say I have reviewed over 50 essays for other students. In all of that, I could never guarantee the highest mark, but I will promise you my utmost attention and diligence as long as you wish.