YouTube Library

YouTube is one of the finest and most accessible of sources for academia today. Here you will find a collection of my favorite academic YouTube channels with a short description of their content. All of the channels listed seem to take great pride in their research and presentation.

Historia Civilis – Telling the history of ancient Rome and the ancient world through its battles. Lots of citations, simple graphics.

Mark Felton Productions – Hosted by a professor of history. The weird parts of the wars of the 20th century and wonderful unseen footage.

Kings and Generals – The battles and culture of the ancient and medieval world overlaid with footage from Rome Total War

BazBattles – Beautiful graphics of a score of wars. Well researched and cited.

The Rugged Pyrhhus – Video Essays on all of the Great Books of the Western World. This author, I take much of my writing voice from.

Voices of the Past – Wonderfully narrated unique primary sources from all of history.

Epic History TV – Incredible graphics and research on human endeavors and military history. Well known for ranking Napoleon’s Marshals.

Tedx Talks – Lectures from academics.

Ted-Ed – Succinct explanations of a score of topics from academia.

Kurzgesagt – Hundreds of hours of research on the most miraculous of topics with beautiful animations.

Townsends – Learn about colonial America through its dishes and places.

The Shogunate – Seemingly the channel on feudal Japan.

Cinefix – All you could want to know about film.

HistoryBuffs – The Place to go if you have ever wondered about the historical accuracy of a film.

The Great War – all of the First World War.