Letter VI to Alex: Drug War and “Peace”

Perhaps Martin Scorsese’s beautiful homage stole away some attention from Goodfellas‘ punchline


I like to think that philosophy is far loftier than politics and that I am a philosopher, not a politician. But then I forget that she, philosophy, is the governor of all things…even the lowly and corrupted politics of the world. So today you will have to entertain me as I step down from my pedestal and talk about the drug wars.

Isn’t it repulsive that the majority of Americans have been manipulated to the opinion that drugs ought to be legal? While I generalize for brevity’s sake (of course those opinions have their minutiae), I feel impelled to take some time to remind others the cost of their junky fun. You see, I read a news story that the Cartel murdered a 10 year old boy’s father in front of him. Following that, they flayed the kid’s chest open while he was still alive, cut out his heart, and ate it in front of him. I don’t think I need another daily excerpt from Mexico to illustrate my point but, rest assured, there’s dozens of those stories a day.

But we all knew about those stories, right? No. The answer is to legalize and regulate, right? No, I don’t think so. Who is idiotic enough to believe these cartels, well-oiled machines as they are, would let a government condescend to them and “legalize” them? With their money and power, they legalized themselves. And so they operate out of legitimate dispensaries now in addition to the underground ones so many college kids get their kicks from.

There was another article. A woman watched her husband blowtorched alive. Is there such a thing as regulating that kind of bloodlust? Is it in our conscience to tax that? And by the way, since when have Americans ever trusted the government to do right by their tax money. I guess it’s alright if it legitimizes a heathen’s hobby.

So what for it then? The drug war was a failure and peace is a compromise of our moral integrity. Not to mention the latter option won’t bring any rest to the Mexican people as the cartels continue to fight one another, extort the common people caught in their crossfire, and suck all humanity from the land. I couldn’t tell you for certain though I believe Americans should be made aware of their dollar’s life…from their parents hand, to the middle-man, the cartels, and down the river of blood.



By the way, I figured I would send you something online as you have for me. Look up “Cartels National Parks.” You’ll find plenty.

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